The idea of a lived space is heavily dependent upon our approach and how we see it. How we act in it and interpret it, each and everything inanimate in it, contribute to the notion of space. The making of the images is more important than how it transforms images from reality what we see, which are always taken up into the environment and created with pigments, materials, lines and forms. Try noticed what attendant to be motifs and details of stories as re-traced the path of the visual, imagination and memory illuminated in my work. I am trying to allow losing and finding myself in the journey of the image making process. My practice involved close to the aspect of the personal narrative of space that translate an image that from my surroundings. Because, sometimes I take references the image that I have drawn directly and collected photographs from the space. Long time distance from home and this distance slowly near into a relationship of an understanding association with my home and the surrounding land and trying to an attempt at tracing my space by understand the physical and psychological aspects of understand the space. The initial analysis help in finding new stands which helped me to understand the space of surrounding through the human activity, land, objects and natural phenomenon. I discovered the space because not only for personal, this is carrying a history with a story of personal learning process. I lay emphasis on the role of materiality to portray not only how we abstractly relate to space, But also to the ways in which a space with its living and non-living components-carries within itself aspects of travel, time, stages and transformation.