Since my childhood, I have been living and commuting in Delhi. While roaming around, I started looking at different architectural spaces, their patterns, construction complex, structures, and urban environment. These urban geographies somehow started fascinating me where it became the source of my visual vocabulary for my art practice. Through my art practice, I am exploring the question of interaction between me and these architectural spaces and what kind of impact they create psychologically as well as physically. I am somehow trying to simplify the forms of architecture and break it into simple geometrical shapes. I am inquiring about the interrelation between the lived spaces and moving bodies through the urban environments. How does an individual perceive the lived spaces? How someone achieves peace in this process of commuting in the city's everyday life. I am inspired by the Fresco technique. I use materials like white cement, Badarpur sand, lime, marble dust, iron wire, and jute are used on the surface of MDF wood related to construction sites, and engagement with processes increased my understanding of further working with these materials and this also helps me in developing many layers of paint. I explore this technique in different ways and these materials are also related to architecture and help me to create an atmosphere of the city. I explore my art practice through different mediums like drawing, painting, and stop-motions.

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