Pritam Das (b. 1996) is from Singur, West Bengal and now lives in Santiniketan. He
completed an MFA in Painting from Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University (2022). Did
Certificate course on Museum Studies from Jammu University in collaboration with Kolkata
Centre for Creativity, Kolkata (2021).

His works are based on the understandings of the after effects of the Singur Land Movement
(2008-2016). He talks about the effects of the said movement on his family and community, its
relationship with land, occupational shifts and moreover the psychic transitions incited by this.

He deals with materials like water colour, oil paint, charcoal and make contradictory visuals using materials like soil, potato sacks, jute threads. He consciously rejects framing his works. Rather, he uses mounts made of potato sacks. Also, his practice includes tools like databases, the available interviews and news report archives on the internet, used as references in his engagement with the land movement, and it is also being used to intersect the changing social construction, it's dilemma, and political disillusionment.