My understanding of Land politics, as well as family feelings, tensions, personal longing and After-movement effects on our community’s
psyche -- are all issues fundamental to my work. Tools like databases and the available news media archives on the internet are being used as references in my engagement with the Singur Land Movement (2008-2016), and it is also being used to intersect the changing social construction, it's dilemma, political disillusionment, theoretically in my works.
Alongside, the violent police march photographs and willing-unwilling farmers’ images in the newspaper internet archives also comes as
flashbacks in my mind; naturally horrifies me. My four years long practice also includes some allegorical images when needed, as a memory of the violence and brutality.
Particularly, in the recent past, these understandings forced me to think about the process of taking over the MFA studio from its
previous user, and the underlying ambiguity of changing the ownership too. I took the process of taking over the studio as I have seen the
process of (forcefully) acquiring farmland from the landowners and sharecroppers of Singur. They changed the shape of the land and
transformed according to their purpose, so I did the same. I have changed the studio space and reused the objects I have found
according to my need, and I staged a dialogue between them and my knowledge of acquisition.

Pritam Das