My name is Agbalaya Abdulahi Opeyemi, I am a versatile artist aiming to achieve a degree in art education at Yaba College of Technology. I had my first training experience with Mr. Owolabi Samson in 2013 to enhance my art skills. I am currently acquiring more knowledge in the world of art with Mr. Adenle Kehinde and Akinola Taoheed Olaitan. I pursue art as a hobby and a potential career.

The desire and ability to creatively express emotions and pass out messages through Art is the definition of a creative genius. Without doubt, I consider myself as one of the creative geniuses of this generation who paints words into expression, explains the simplicity and complexity of life through artwork, and gives hope to people out there through shapes and colours. Painting life in its different dimensions is the calling that gives me spirals of joy.

I derive satisfaction in encouraging people. Thus, the unique message of my artworks is FACE YOUR FEARS. Many people live in fears which are stimulated by challenges, struggles, doubt, failure and mistakes. These fears hold them down from pursuing their dreams or going for what they want. Thus, my artworks are addressed to these set of people to encourage them that fears and uncertainties are only illusions if they push through them towards their dreams. Challenges can be a 'once upon a time' when they do not give up on life.

The shapes, colours, and composition of my works give a connected message. While the shapes I use depict the difficulties of life, the colours define the dynamics of life. I use black as my background colour which represents the dark shadow of life, Purple on a lighter note which talks about the power/strength to keep pushing, ambition to never give up, creativity to unravel the questions of life, and peace that comes through hope. The other bright colours speak of success at the end, the fulfillment of dreams and the satisfaction that comes from it.

Apart from passing a message to people, painting is personal to me. It is a means through which I utter the words I can't speak. Painting portrays my reality. No wonder Frida Kahlo says, and I quote: 'I don't paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my reality.' I definitely paint my reality. I look forward to painting more realities, even as I encourage people out there. I believe I am one of the heroes of this time, and a legend to coming generations. This is definitely what painting has made of me.
View Abdulahi’s work in the Spring | Summer 2023 Gallery