My art explores a variety of themes through mixed media. At its core, my practice is a safe haven for me. My art originates from a meditative state that I feel free in. I’m free to make whatever I feel at any given moment and I’m grateful for the role that creating art plays in my life. I allow myself to be open to the feelings I’m having and how they translate to painting. My art comes from personal experiences and provides an intimate look into my life. I have experienced a significant amount of change in my life and explore my own evolution as person. I seek to understand myself and better myself. I believe expressing myself through my art helps me achieve this.

Music is a big influence on my practice and my art is often made as a direct result of the music I’m inspired by. I am interested in the connection between painting and music. Both forms of expression allow me to feel connected to the creator. Both can express thoughts, ideas, and feelings that I often feel words can’t describe. I am constantly experimenting with mixed media with the goal of expressing myself more effectively.