Relief and Intaglio Process are the main media of my works. As a print maker, experimenting with medium is the main characteristic of my works. I have worked mostly with self portrait; self figure. I have also worked with textures and lines which are also my favorite. In my woodcut and collagraph keeping the subject and tone, there lines and textures have been given emphasis.

In my works, I have tried to express self conflict, Desire, frustration or my very own feelings. By using symbols I have tried to show self thoughts, Loneliness, relation to nature.

As an Artist I believe and I live in myself. My duality, my Hippocratic self may help me to remain numb to the restless world. But I think and I talk to myself, and all these have helped me doing my works. I express my desire, my thoughts through my work. This is like my second language, when I out of words in expressing my feelings with the spoken one

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