I am an interdisciplinary artist and graduate of Reed College who primarily works in sculptural media. Much of my work uses found and collected objects as its raw materials; I am drawn towards forgotten objects that are embedded with history and personal meaning. 

This past summer, I spent a month at an inaugural artist residency in rural New Mexico with four other emerging artists. The art I created was specific to that location, being directly influenced by the environment, materials, and people surrounding me. Spools of rusting barbed wire were woven into a hammock on a hand-built seven foot loom, collected objects and colleagues' faces were cast in plaster, clay, and wax and then housed in a curiosity cabinet that I built, and the landscape itself was recorded in a series of watercolor paintings.

My senior thesis was an investigation into the theory and practice of collecting as a way to shape identity in both the museum and the home. The body of work I created for it (HausKammer/HomeRoom, HomePage, HomeSpun, and HomeBound) was an exploration of home that utilized collected objects to evoke memories, arouse nostalgia, and serve as an indexical reminder of specific places. In other work, I create participatory objects and installations that often utilize humor and play as a way to question accepted hierarchies and social protocols.

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