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Nikos Lamprinos
Athens, Greece
Fine Arts University
Gdynia, Poland
Guadalajara, Mexico
University of Guadalajara
Atlanta, United States
Morehouse College
Adrian Regnier
Mexico City, Mexico
Mumbai, India
rachana sansad academy
Federico Miro
Málaga, Spain
Universidad de Málaga
Sevilla, Andalucía, Spain
Facultad de Bellas Artes
Planta Peinazo
Barcelona, Spain
Mumbai, India
Rachana Sansad
Jamie Servais
Oakland, United States
Ryan O'Hare
New York, United States
Sevilla, Spain
Universidad de Sevilla
Ramzi Abu Sway
Bethlehem, , Palestine
International Academy of Art
James Chris Parker
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Edinburgh Napier
Harsha V Durugadda
New Delhi, India
Christina Webber
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Napier University
Darija Medic
Belgrade, Serbia
Magda Wolnicka
Opole, Poland