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Lucia Apolloni
Vicenza, Italy
Ed Haslam
London, United Kingdom
University of Manchester
Lahore, Pakistan
rashmi kachewar
Nagpur, India
GCM Nagpur
Las Palmas de GC, Spain
Beijing, China
China Central Academy of Fine Arts
Ann Le
Long Beach, California, United States
CSU Long Beach
Johannesburg, South Africa
Artist Proof Studio
Athens, United States
Ohio University
New York, United States
Gianluca Rossitto
New York, United States
Manchester School of Art (UK)
Supam Roy
Kolkata, India
Kelly O'Neill
Salt Lake City, United States
University of Utah
Ashok Meena
Pune, India
Film and Television Institute
Tucson, AZ, United States
University of Arizona
kassandra mattia
Laguna Beach, United States
amit harit
Jaipur, India
Malaga, Spain
University of Sevilla
Alfonso del Castillo
Sevilla, Spain
Facultad Bbaa Sevilla
Elizabeth Eisenstein
Los Angeles, United States