My work explores themes of identity, power, mobility and the reimagining of religious iconography, in particular, Christianity. By reimagining images that depict biblical characters or stories in a way that includes people of colour where they have not been before I intend on destabilizing the Eurocentric narrative that is prevalent when one considers images of Christianity. My work contains symbols that speak to Zambian heritage and culture such as the body markings on the sculptures and photographs presented.

I was drawn to this enquiry when I realized that there was a lack of representation of black people in the images of the Christian faith I had come across and so I decided to join the conversation of spirituality in Africa through the work I produce. I believe art is the perfect way for me to speak about my faith, culture and identity especially whilst using themes and a visual language that blend the African culture with historic Christian imagery.

Through my work I plan to add my voice to the story of those sharing their faith and culture to those willing to pay attention and listen.