In my art I work with isolation, solitude and self-identity. I try to do this in the most impersonal way possible. I construct to deconstruct, simplify, or according to myself; I correct.

In my process, I am zealous. I usually follow a model thats developed in the recent years. first, photography,either organized or spontaneous. Then I choose what I need to transfer to the canvas.Depending on whether I work in a series of paintings, or indivual ones, this process also includes writing. When working in series I start with the writing. In individual paintings writing could mean so little as the title. I like to be able to pointthe viewer in the right direction, suggesting a line of though but never to demand it.

My work has always hovered around extremes. Depicted either godlike or and empty shell. The same way as I reduce my subject I also diminish the importance of the depicted individual, I want my work to function as mirrors.

I usually work around the human form, although it is mostly dehumanised beyond recognition. I reduce the individual to act as a simple form thats merely a small part in everything. These forms always means a lot to me, but it is after all, a form which can be filled. Hence, the end result is always present in my process. When my works meet the viewer.

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