My recent work contains the idea of architectural space in a simplified and lucid manner. Where the formal structure get less importance, losing their representational identification and creates a spatial dialogue. In my recent works I tried to bring the clarity between compositional spaces like foreground background space along with inside outside spatial relationship of architectural forms and shapes as a subject matter for my work. During the year of 2017-2018 I created long series which is named as INSIDE OUTSIDE. This is a series based on mixed media experimental drawing and painting on paper and canvas. Different type of material allows different kind of application, gestures.
I started new series of drawing on paper named WORK DONE IS ZERO with minimum representation of images. These drawings are based on relationship between the real space and gestural images with the help of linier lines. As an artist, I like to explain my work as a part of process. Adding is indeed one of the important characters of composition, but for me removing also plays an important role. The alternative uses of conventional tools help me to evolve different layers of my work. I use graphite and eraser, both, as a medium of drawing. Precisely, Black and white getting more importance for the process and domination of the mediums (which is graphite and eraser) and it is surely not a process of dealing with space as illusion of foreground and background rather it is the interrelationship of negative-positive spaces where the space becomes as a dialogue of merging of foreground background.Combining the space with the formation of line allows me to unfold new Possibilities to define space as an objective element and object as space as well.

Take a look at the series 'Inside Outside'