IMAGINE, is a Nepali artist based until recently, in Boston creating unique art pieces that mesh the Nepali alphabet, Boston graffiti, and Turkish Calligraphy. She has shown her work in several exhibitions, commissioned works and public walls in Kathmandu, Boston, San Francisco, Bali and Istanbul. She is also an award-winning children’s book writer and illustrator. Her works can be described as thoughtful yet irreverent pieces, marrying the beauty of an elegant script with the droll text she often incorporates into her walls. Imagine also enjoys spray painting and has painted on walls internationally and writes in NepaliGraffi Style, a combination of Nepali and Graffiti.. She often signs her work as ‘Kalpana’, the Nepali word for ‘imagine’, her mother’s name and a perfect moniker for an artist who cannot help but see the world in a different light, tinted by her own imagination.

IMAGINE has been committed to using art as a vehicle for positive social change, leading her to work as a Mentoring Artist in Painting and an Education Coordinator at Artists for Humanity in Boston, helping inner city youth for almost three years. In 2009, IMAGINE established a children’s library for a struggling public school and publish three bilingual children’s books. The library is sustained till today by the book sales and her t-shirt enterprise, MO:MO: NATION. Living and learning in the United States, Geneva and Bali for the past 7 years, IMAGINE has recently moved back to her hometown in Kathmandu to paint many murals and to establish Nepal’s first Children’s Art Museum.

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