Born (1992) and raised in Kampala, Uganda with an education from Kyambogo University. His work has been shown and exhibited in various art exhibitions such as The Kampala Art Biennale curated by Simon Njami, The Last Image Show “The Silence” an international art exhibition in Tanzania and Lusaka Zambia. In his work He mainly uses aluminum printing plates and copper wires, He seeks to tackle his ideas from different vantage points that may reveal themselves as sculpture, installation, drawing, and performance to vividly express the themes and narratives in the complexities of social-political interactions and their influence in the contemporary world. From his experience, using aluminum as a material to create art was more of his last option as it was one of the materials, he interacted with in his childhood in form of scrap that fetched him some money to acquire toys for himself. The material has been part of him though serving a different purpose rather than creating art. From the “scrap material”, a platform of self-expression was brought to life.

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