My name is Oisín Tozer. I am an emerging artist from Sligo, currently studying Fine Art at TU Dublin.

My practice is informed by research into environmental issues, as well as my interest in non-anthropocentric philosophy, from Taoist texts to contemporary philosophers such as Harman. My work is concerned with natural systems such as weather and light, how these systems create space and affect our environment and behaviour.

I work through photography and painting. I use photography to document the effects of weather mechanically by exposing images under varying weather conditions. My subject matter is chosen for its emotional significance. Parallel to my photography, my paintings are less documentation, and more personal enquiry. They question how seemingly ephemeral atmospheric conditions are consequential to the ecology of the planet, and to us in how we perceive space and time.

Read ‘Engaging Space/Contemplative States’ to learn about Oisín’s art practices