The idea of a lived space is heavily dependent upon our approach how we see it. How we act in it and interpret it. Each and everything and inanimate being contribute to the notion of space. I lay emphasis on the role of materiality to portray not only how we abstractly relate to space, But also to the ways in which a space with its living and non-living components-carries within itself aspects of travel, time, stages and transformation. My works from a personal visual archive of passing time, made over in the two years of practice and making the time and space. All are works passing through my personal memory and visual experience of a space where I am live and lived. I have carried diary for documentation of some spaces and objects. Recently I am living a space that is coalescence of land and erection so two different things are coming in one medium and surface. Process of image making is direct with space so it is easy to assume the whole space. My surrounding itself on us it not only provides comfort but always gives us inspiration, innovative moments where all our creative, expressive, artistic thoughts come to life.