There are certain interest points in every beings life which brings is about an emotional shift charge. This sensual phenomenon is the bottom-line & basic nature of my expression. The expression hints forwards the difficulties of life through organic signs & symbolic.
My works mostly comprises of the sensual space of a relationship between a man & woman. The journey starts from the internally existing sexual psyche and relationship between the man & woman. This gains importance over time & becomes part of a very personal emotional, expression which at a time drives me into an imaginative space or world.
In my works male & female organics are represented of sex symbolically but in a very subdued manner. At the times a mythical gesture is extend. I say to similar male and female form s in my works as they exist and complement each other in nature. The personal form thus created are known unknown and even hybrid in nature at a times. The arrangement of the forms is spontaneous and comes with a breathing space in and around them.
Space holds an important role along with the forms and sensual black lines creating a musical and rhythmic experience .The entire experience comes with a note of a flow of our deepest emotions expressed with a lot of sensuality.
To conclude, I would add the fact that my works or the surface on which I work upon acts as my personal diary where I can freely express myself.