I'm a contemporary visual & conceptual artist from Kolkata (India).
I have graduated (B.A.) from Calcutta University and after that I completed the BVA (Bachelor of Visual Art) degree from M.L.C.U.
I have been painting since I was very young. After the BVA I have worked professionally in the art field for the last few years, trying to discover new ways of artistic expression.
I love to play with colours,forms,shapes, lines and textures.But sometimes my subjects is more important than the colour form of my work then my painting become monotonic and faded..Still,as the subject of my paintings - joint family,instrumental composition, kalighat related composition, mythology,my childhood memory, imaginary thought can be seen.
I realise that,art is above all,infinite, unlimited, long journey and i'm a small passenger on that route....
View Tamal’s work in the Spring | Summer 2023 Gallery