My works are a Re-think because I re-think my culture, as my nation is Buryat and I paint buryat girls.

Ages ago Buryats were Mongols, living in Mongolia, but those days have passed. Nowadays Buryats do not have a nomad lifestyle and do not even speak Buryat – only in villages. Today a lot of young people leave the republic Buryatia, because they do not see any prospect for their future. They move to other cities without knowing their native language – Buryat (as a consequence the language is dying) and young Buryats do not feel as Buryats.

Buryat identity is changing, and my art introduces a new way of representing Buryat identity. I paint Buryat girls, because in some way I re-think myself. I think each of us has a small nomad inside, and my art is the middle between steppe nomads and modern people. I want people to wonder at my paintings and re-think our culture, identity and themselves.

Take a look at the series ‘Re-Think'