Caitlin Mkhasibe

Cape Town, South Africa
"A lot of the work I do at present focuses on potential loss or the sensation of absence. Two years ago, a second year course at the University of Cape Town introduced me to film photography. As part of an assignment on documentary film photography, I shot and developed a series of film photographs of a small eclectic music venue in Cape Town called Tagore's.


At the time I took the photographs, there was news that the venue might close down due to a lack of funding so the city wanted to take the building back. There was a campaign to raise enough funds to keep the venue going and it now sells food to earn extra money. The venue is considered to be home to many creatives and those who have a passion for different music in the Observatory area.  Luckily, the venue is still running today. My intention with these photographs was to create a record of the space regardless of the potential of it being changed or not.


The choice of style is due to the type of film that was available at the time of my project. Unless you order in bulk in South Africa, film that has a high ISO is hard to get a hold of for an affordable price. The challenge then became to use long exposure on a low ISO film to capture hints of movement or objects within the venue. I enjoy taking long exposure images so the challenge felt right for the themes I'm interested in and the project itself".