• “Bunker / Schlafzimmer”| Andalucía – Berlin

    An installation series by artist Carmin Alizarina (Maria Alcaide) created during a 24 hour period spent alone in her room.


    "When I'm With You I'm Isolated," Canvas, Wire, Paper, Chair

    "Bunker / Schlafzimmer" can be defined as a performance which resulted in photographs and an installation. I spent 24 hours in my bedroom with no communication or electronic devices besides my camera and some food. This series is a result of the experiment. The photographs are based on an exploration of the findings of the group Oulipo, relating specifically to the endotic—a term coined by one of its members, George Perec, as described in his book The Infra-ordinary. Contrary to the exotic, the endotic is a very subtle but powerful tool to use when making artwork in a restricted setting.

    "When You Are Not," Installation
    "When You Are Not," Installation

    It is subtle because it looks to the imperceptible of everyday life, to the usually hidden details of space and gestures of the bodies around us. It rescues the astonishment from the forgotten and obvious, trapped by its naturalization. The endotic is a powerful tool because it leads us to read and listen to our surroundings, always looking from unexplored stances.

    The Oulipo group experimented working with constraints, so I chose to impose to myself my own limitations: time, place and material. These three constraints concern the main pillars of my narrative and are evidently present in my practice.

    This project also involves ongoing research on how materials can influence a final artwork, and how a comfort zone (a private space, intimate) can become a place that is ultimately uncomfortable.

    In this way, some kind of interference is produced: the bedroom becomes a 'white cube', transforming the space in a box where thoughts are shown by everyday (endotic) objects.

    carminbunker3  carminbunker2  carminbunker6

    "When You Are Late" (left), "El Fandango es blues de flamenco, yo estoy triste" (middle), "Fantasie Orientale"  (right)


    Artist Carmin Alizarina (Maria Alcaide) is from Andalucía, Spain and completed an MFA at the Bellas Artes de Sevilla (Sevilla, Spain). In 2012 she was invited to the Université Paris8  where she studied art theory. There she began exploring textile and installation art. She now lives and works in Berlin, Germany. 


    To view more of Carmin's work visit her artist website here