• ‘Boundless Society’ | Johannesburg, South Africa

    A short film by South African artist Lawrence Jadezweni, who brings viewers into the conversations among several young artists who are finding their artistic voice in the city of Johannesburg.


    SkateV'Boundless Society'


    Contemporary art has taken new shapes and forms in modern day society, and with the growing phenomenon of digital media design, several channels have opened up for art-making.

    ‘Boundless Society’ investigates the relationship between “conventional vs. unconventional” routes taken in the making of contemporary art. It explores the dynamics of the art world in Johannesburg, South Africa. The core message of the documentary relies on the different points of view of opinionated artists about their interpretations of the direction that contemporary art is taking in this city, along with how they perceive their own work. Their artworks will be portrayed in abstract ways using special effects to convey the idea of artistic transformation.

    BoundLess1Set in areas such as Braamfontein, Sandton, Pretoria and Midrand, it shows the lives of aspiring artists who are surrounded by various influences and difficulties that affect their work. We get to see their growth in dealing with multiple mediums and art forms that directly influence the construct of the film.

    Using myself (Thuli Jadezweni) as a participating subject, along with five other artists, we explore different experiences/conversations and influences on art-making in the modern digital age, while also providing ‘expert’ opinions from interviews that debate the views expressed in the film.

    The diverse nature of the relationship of each artist with his work and surroundings gives an informative quality to the direction of the film. The multiple locations help the viewer to contextualize some of the characters’ lives and their cultural stances in the world. The artworks speak for themselves via the process that the various artists go through to liven the dynamic of the film.


    Thuli 'Lawrence' Jadezweni (University of Johannesburg Alumni)- Age: 23 - Digital Media Designer (Film-making)


    Born in Mthatha, Eastern Cape(1993) where he lived for two years until he and his family moved to Pretoria, Thuli wasn’t always a fan of art. After spending 17years in Pretoria where he was bound initially to study Information Technology, due to his passion for drawing he took an unexpected risk and decided to study Multimedia Design at the University of Johannesburg.
    Now that he has graduated, starting his own design/production companyBlaqNWhyte Pictures, he and his friends from school have embarked on a journey ofproducing independent videos that question the dynamics of modern culture as well as socio-political issues experienced by the youth.
    His artistic style of using multiple layered effects and vibrant transitions offers a fresh way of experiencing the stories portrayed in each film. Engaging with people in the streets of Johannesburg has been one of the biggest influences in the raw and somewhat unconventional ways in which the videos are represented. His debut work, BoundLess Society(2015), serves as testament to this style of film-making.
    He has also just released a new film called Young Ni**a Preach which explores the struggles experienced by students within the #FeesMustFall debacle, without harbouring into any political statements.



    Ofentse 'G' Seshabela (University of Johannesburg student) - Age: 20 - Fine Artist (Practices Film/Photography)


    Ofentse2My name is Ofentse G Seshabela. Born in pretoria on the 13th jan 1995. However, i stayed in pretoria for a short while. Most of my life has been spent around Johannesburg as a whole. Reason being i had been moved to live with my uncle in Krugersdorp in the year 2004. Since then, joburg has been my true home. Right now, im studyiny visual art at the university of jhb. I noticed my interests in the arts at a very young age. When i was about 5-7 years old, id draw cars all the time at the back of my script books. And everyone loves these drawings. So i guess the passion for art started showing at that time. I am very insipred by the concept of Africanization. I am inspired by the people of Africa as a whole. Most of my work tends to focus more on the informal sector of the country, such as the townships n rural areas. This is because i am much interested in the forever growing culture of black people. I have very much interests in the emerging cultures of the hood in particular. How the people talk, how they walk, how they dress, their food... And so on. With all these influences in my life, i always try to make all these rich themes the very focus of my work.




    Levoy Veli 'LV' Dlamini (University of Johannesburg student) - Age: 21 - Fine Artist (Performance Art)


    LVBorn in Soweto 1994. Levoy grew up around a diverse family that practices different forms of art (Music, Drawing, Performance, Photography). He has beendescribed by Artizens of Joburg blog site, in an article written by Kea Mooka,as one of the coolest African Contemporary Artists in Johannesburg.
    LV appreciates the finer, more traditional aspects of life. Artistically known as Paragon Fine Art, Levoy realizes that the love for art and how it exists in everything around us is in itself the influence that drives us to become better artists.





    Thabiso 'Tbs' Phosa (University of Johannesburg student) - Age: 21 - Fine Artist (Practices Photography/Film)


    TbsI have a love for art as a whole, from music, photography to drawing and painting. I started doing art as a subject at school from grade 3- 12. i was also in a marimba band at school for about the same period, I play the djembe drum as well as a drum kit, all these influences are where my love for art originated from. i am also a person that is very social and interactive and this is what feeds my creativity and gives me the hunger to even explore more fields of art as i meet more and more people doing unique things. This has lead me to not stick to one field of of art and this choice gives me an opportunity to explore my mind and keep it stimulated through learning more. for this reason, art is my life and my life is an artwork itself.




    Michael Macgarry - Fine Artist/Film Maker - Standard Bank Young Artist 2010


    Michael MacgarryMichael Macgarry, who grew up and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts fromDurban, is a student of the world, having travelled, lived and studied in Ireland, London, Johannesburg and Cape Town. His work explores the complexities of imperialism and colonialism in Africa, and parodies the socio-political representation of administrative entities within the same context. Having also worked with commercial brands, Michael understands the balance that is required from an artist within the whole artistic realm. Winner of the Standard Bank Young Artist of The Year in 2010, Michael hassince hosted a series of solo exhibitions and his art has won followers and admirers.







    Justin Dingwall - Fine Artist/Photographer - Multi and New Media/Photography Merit Award 2013-


    JustinDescribing himself as a Contemporary Artist and Professional Photographer, Justin Dingwall was born and raised inBenoni, and pursued a degree in Photography in Pretoria. In 2007 he started working professionally as a photographer in Johannesburg. He is renowned for his fearless art series ‘Albus’, where he explored the aesthetics of albinism in contrast to thecommonly perceived misconceptions of ‘beauty’. He was awarded the Multi and New Media/Photography MeritAward in 2013 and was recently involved in the 2015 FNB Joburg Art Fair, exhibiting ‘Albus’.