• re: Is the art world divided along class lines? Call to a conversation/collaboration

    Hi there Toumas, My name is Lawrence...I am a Digital Media Artist from South Africa and I can relate to the type of situation you find yourself in as I also come from a humble background in which art has never been taken seriously, having to transition into the small community that recognizes and sees art in a different way.

    I have always found that I didn't belong in both worlds because I viewed things differently from what they do, but over time I have found that that's what actually works best because seeing things from the perspective of the 'other' often translates into my work and my different experiences with people has helped me gain a better understanding of just how and what people think about certain things.

    I believe that the whole idea behind social mobility into the more institutionalized structures is based on a certain validation felt towards them. I feel that instead, it should be the other way around where society is more accommodating to the notion of being different simply because we have different perspectives, views, experiences...which is what inspires my work mostly.