• ‘Between Worlds’: an Exhibition of a Digital Collaborative Project | Tel Aviv, Israel

    Scribble It Down 2019 is now a live exhibition! Curated by Einat Moglad, it will open December 4th in Tel Aviv, bringing together the digital collaborative works of 8 international artists in an exciting, experimental show.



    Crisia Constantine Australia

    Ray Sketchlight Israel

    Rhea Sajit India

    Vimarsh Bhatt India

    Tony Kay USA

    Michelle Webb Australia

    Nino Khundadze Georgia

    Sourav Chakraborty India


    Einat Moglad, Israel

    Venue: Contemporary Art Gallery, Ramat Gan

    Opening:  December 4

    7:30 p.m.


    The ‘Between Worlds’ exhibition is part of the ‘Scribble it Down’ experimental art project.

    ‘Scribble it Down’, founded by Einat Moglad in 2012, is an international digital collaboration. Through a sequential process artists from around the world work together to create communal works of art, each artist adding his/her own touch and meaning to the ongoing work.

    Each artist contributes to a digital file, then transfers the work to the next, until each artist in the group has contributed to each piece. The project allows for dialogue and connection between people even when the artists are from different backgrounds, countries and cultures. Its goal is to provide a platform for connecting human experiences and enable a better understanding of each other, thereby enhancing the ability of different people and cultures to identify and relate with each other. It raises questions about our place in society, our work in relation to others, and how we can give and inspire.

    For ‘Scribble it Down 2019’, which is the 6th event since its inception in 2012, the participating artists were asked to focus specifically on creating bridges between themselves and trying to establish a relationship and a connection with one another.

    The exhibition ‘Between Worlds’ presents a path where both the inner and the outer worlds collide with each other. This leads to a spiritual form of creating as well as a method of observing it.

    The resulting artworks present a multitude of realities and the structures of connecting and creating bonds between the artists through visual communication.
    The exhibition exists also in the space between worlds: cultural, geographical, fantastical as well as spiritual. It allows the viewer to experience both the inner world of the ‘self’ as well as provide a deep and multi-layered experience in its interaction with the concept of universality, the collective mindset.


    This year, both the project and the participating artists wanted the proceeds from the exhibition to be donated to a good cause. We are delighted to announce that all proceeds from the exhibition sales will be forwarded to UNICEF for funding art equipment, lessons as well as art therapy in UNICEF's schools and establishments.