• ‘Please Enjoy our Tragedies’: an exhibition by Sai [BLANK] | Yangon/London

    These are heartbreaking times with authoritarian rule and repressive violence on the rise confronting democratic governance and civilians. Some countries/cities/states/regions elicit more media attention and global support than others; yet the injustices, horrors of oppression and the suffering of people are tragically felt by all individuals, families and communities directly impacted across the world.

    Emergent Art Space believes that young artists can play a role in powerfully communicating, bearing witness, offering unique perspectives, documenting and amplifying these stories of fraught circumstances, resistance and resilient bravery. By engaging creative energies, artworks and internet platforms, artists can spread awareness across vast distances, forging interconnected systems of understanding, compassion and support.

    With these aims in mind, we are eager to share the announcement below for a vitally important exhibition in London by artist Sai   from Myanmar.

    For more on Sai's story see 'The World is Doing Nothing' in TIME magazine,  and article's about Sai’s show in Artnet news and Open Democracy.