• ‘World in Motion’: A Call for Openness, Empathy and Enlightenment by Daudi M. Yves | Zambia

    We are pleased to share the work of Daudi M. Yves, featured in his solo exhibition 'World in Motion' at The Art Shop Zambia in Lusaka , curated by Luyando Muleya. The works presented are meant as a step into the world of change and self-reflection. Inspired by the Masai tribe, the artist’s work reflects the dynamism of change in the world.

    Curatorial Statement 

    Change is constant and affects all aspects of human existence. In his exhibition World in Motion, Yves uses painting and mixed media to explore themes of change, self-reflection, and enlightenment. He incorporates symbolic forms like boxes, globes, and mirrors, Yves invites viewers to reflect deeply on different narratives and perspectives. 

    Yves highlights the need to challenge harsh self-judgments and judgments of others. His works touch on growth mindsets, memories, harsh realities, poverty, mental health, love, cyber crimes, the internet, dreams and space. Through these diverse topics, Yves suggests we must continually work to broaden our views and treat ourselves and others with more compassion. 

    Painting with expressive brushstrokes and a vibrant palette, Yves creates chaotic yet harmonious compositions that reflect the dynamism of change in the world. Yves seeks to push viewers outside of their comfort zones and see beyond surface appearances. The mirrors, in particular, signify how we must look within ourselves to find greater wisdom and understanding. 

    Yves masterfully crafts an exhibition that inspires self-reflection and a desire for positive change. His thought-provoking and moving works shed light on eternal human struggles in an age of constant technological and social progress. Overall, World in Motion highlights our shared responsibility to grow in mindfulness and make the world a better place.  

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    About the Artist

    Daudi Magisha Yves, a contemporary artist from Zambia, has been passionate about art since a young age. At 14, he made the decision to pursue art full-time, creating innovative conceptual drawings and paintings on paper and canvas. His current focus includes exploring the link between mental health and creativity, as well as addressing toxic masculinity and men's emotions. Yves uses art as a tool for self-reflection and inspiration, aiming to address common issues in local and African communities. He has received recognition for his work, including winning second place in the Africa Freedom Day Competition. Yves has collaborated with Osisa-Kumba Arts Gallery on projects highlighting the negative effects of financial flows and corruption in Zambia. His art serves as a voice for self-discovery, unity, peace, culture, and change, inspiring fellow young artists and promoting positive transformation.

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