Sai Htin Linn Htet

Yangon, Myanmar

Is Myanmar changing the way we want?
Have our dreams been fulfilled, or we are living through our worst nightmare?


Before the 2015 landmark election, the citizens of Myanmar were so hopeful and
dreamed that the country would be changed positively. I was one of them.

Everyone expected that Myanmar would be back on its way to being an Asian tiger again.

Maya 1
Maya 2
Maya 3
Maya 4

These days, I have to face a reality that is totally different from the way I had imagined.
We are unsure of where the country is going anymore. 


From a sudden change of president, random assassinations, to ongoing civil wars and conflicts,
anything can happen at any second. Our efforts and dreams can simply be undervalued
and paid no attention because of where we are from. 

Maya 5
Maya 6
Maya 7
Maya 8

During this period, I started to document my personal feelings as a citizen,

to show how my once beautiful dreams have become something else.

The illusion of change is what causes our hopes to be painted over with fear. 


Who would expect that there are nightmares within a dream? 


“Maya” or the deception of Myanmar politics will determine what the future is to be.

Dreams or nightmares? I do not know what to expect.

Maya 9
Maya 10
Maya 11
Maya 12


Sai Htin Linn Htet is a Yangon-based curator, artist and peace educator. Based on the
theme of empathy, Sai focuses on issues of human rights, pollution, gender equality,
identity and discrimination. These concerns can be found at exhibitions he curates and
in his visual multimedia artworks, documentary and self- reflective works. He formerly
worked as an educator, providing Peace Education courses to politicians, civil society
organizations, activists and youth from all over the country.

As a cofounder of Indriya Platform, he is supporting and promoting local emerging
contemporary artists working in a variety of mediums. His works are the responses
reflected upon personal experience about human conditions, mostly triggered by his
mixed ethnic background, identity, gender, deep-rooted social issues, restricted
freedom of expression and conflicts in Myanmar. Sai was a recipient of Goldsmiths
Fellowship from the University of London in 2019.