Portland, Oregon

01.20 - 02.20.2015

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January 20 - February 20, 2015

The Feldenheimer Gallery, Studio Art Building
Reed College, Portland, OR




Emergent Art Space's fourth International Juried Exhibition, hosted by the Art Department of Reed College, on the theme Translations, featured the works of 42 students and emerging artists from 20 countries.


"Translating refers to bringing across, transporting, and transferring.

It is a process that aims to make ideas and information understandable from

one language to another,

to make them accessible from one culture to the next.

Translations facilitate communication and expand our understanding.

Moving between languages, forms, times

and identities, translations make us more acutely aware of differences and similarities,

and force us to see and address them.

Translations remind us that understanding is never easy or granted,

and that it always requires effort, patience, an open mind, and courage.

What is lost in translation and what is found?"


First Prize:

V.I.S.A. by Adrian Regnier | Mexico City, Mexico

Finalist Prize Winners:

Tape Recording by Kate Ostler | New York, United States

Aphasia by Yintzu Huang | Taipei, Taiwan / Brooklyn, United States

Untitled (Emerson’s Nature) by Lauren A Bierly | New York, United States


Chip Lord:  Professor Emeritus of Art, University of California, Santa Cruz.
Arzu Mistry: Artist, organiser, educator at Srishti School of Art and Design, Bangalore, India.
Geraldine Ondrizek: Professor of Art, Reed College, Portland, Oregon.