• 2013 on EAS

    A look back at some 2013 highlights!


    Crossing Borders


    Crossing Borders exhibits in San Francisco
    EAS visits Tijuana in prep for the 2014 CB show











    Artist Interviews


    Nada Ali | Damascus, Syria
    Koshal Hamal | Nepal







    Madeeha Iqbal | Lahore, Pakistan
    Mahdi Barajethi | Ramallah, Palestine










    Firdaus Adhitya | Indonesia





    'Scribble It Down' | Collaborative project
    'Roombook Series' | Poland








    'Generation Balotelli' | Sydney Lowe
    'eX(change)Ways' | Bozeman, Montana





    “You are invited to come sit in our armchair” by  Emma Drew
    'Art Exhibition Practices in Avant-Garde and Contemporary Culture' by Nat Zingg






    'Aesthetics of Revolution' by Alexander Ashton
    'Between the Door and the Street' by Liz Janoff








    'On Collaboration' by Chip Lord | Ant Farm Collective
    'How Context Changes the Vew' by Jacob Canter








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