• I like the idea of the zip ties being "cold materials." I think this piece is particularly provocative because to me zip ties represent imprisonment, restrictions, and limitations, and you've managed to create a piece that is very natural, fluid, and alive out of such cold and lifeless objects. The juxtaposition of the finished work of art and the smaller parts that make it up works very well and adds depth and room for interpretation.

    • Dear Madeleinblake
      I loved your comment very much. I think that the concept of "braking free" from restriction is truly a main theme in my art. I feel that the use of birds and plants as opposite images in their meaning are part of what you described in the zip ties work as well.
      the plants and the zip ties are used as a concept of being rooted in one place, restricted,limited in their movement while and birds are free and without barriers. these two elements, and conflictual images are an issue in my work and in a more personal note , it's a challenge in life, I believe that art is always about challenging your limits but this position is always in a conflict as well. my work ask the viewer- what is your relationship with limits and limitations?
      I wish to ask you what is your conflicts when working on a piece?