• Featured Event: ‘The Body As Border: El Cuerpo Como Frontera’ | San Bernardino California

    Artist Mayte Escobar's Master's Project Exhibition, 'The Body As Border: El Cuerpo Como Frontera' at the Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art in San Bernardino, California.

    10985945_10206327180007613_5834092526723178742_o'The Body As Border: El Cuerpo Como Frontera'

    Opening Reception: Thursday, April 9th

    Exhibition: April 7th - April 15th

    MFA Project Statement: Creating a series of works that give insight into my Mexican American experience.

    Being first generation Mexican American, there was no "manual" or clear understanding of the difference between the U.S.A. and Mexico. Little did I know that going to Mexico at the age of 5, I would soon know that I was, "del otro lado".

    'Huellas', Single Channel Video Installation (Run Time: 1 minute 07 seconds), 2013

    Through video, photography, and installation I depict my process of investigation. Looking deeper into there differences and the collective of my Mexican American experience thus far.

    Looking at the states that compose these two countries through 'Huellas', 2014, portrays a sense of all those that have crossed the embodied border.

    'En el otro lado me vi yo' 2014, shows both sides of the border and the reflection many face when deciding to cross or to stay.

    'Dressing up Sequence #2', Large Format Video Stills (44" x 40"), 2013

    'Dressing Up #3', 2013, portrays the feeling of being a chameleon changing the perception of being identified as Mexican or American by those that cross my path.

    Lastly, 'Viviendo en dos se convierte en uno', 2015, teleports my viewers to my childhood experience that has manifested the person I have become. Coming and going, from one to the other, having two homes, two languages and two distinct cultures and upbringing that foster the beginnings of this Mexican American exploration.

    Venue: Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art in San Bernardino, California.

    You can view Mayte Escobar's work here or on her website www.maytescobar.com