• re: ‘Каждый принадлежит всем’ / ‘Everyone belongs to everyone’ from A.Huxley’s “Brave New World”

    Hello! This series is very powerful! In Brave New World, Orwell describes a society consumed by distractions, one in which citizens are united through their irrelevant pursuits and indulgences. Here, your accompanying text from the book reads “…Everyone belongs to everyone else.” These pieces immediately made me think of the more recent dystopian novel The Circle, by Dave Eggers. His book similarly envisions a society that strives for total equality through transparency: “sharing is caring” and “secrets are lies.” In his book, I imagine “the circle” is intended as a symbol of a complete and unified society in which everyone knows everything about everyone else. But a circle can also represent something closed, restrictive, and in your pieces the circle also brings to mind a lens though which events and people are watched or surveilled. I would love to know what the circles that appear in these pieces represent to you.

    • Hello! Thanks for asking. I will tell you that the entire series of 'AntiUtopia Orwell and Huxley' is imbued with symbolism. The five works that relate to the book "Brave New World" are inscribed in a circle with a diameter of 500 millimeters. One of the aspects that I wanted to convey to people is, of course, the world in which the characters of the book live, a limited world, a closed world, and this border is depicted not for heroes, because from there, in principle, no one wanted to run, everyone lived happily. And for external (savages)  and for us readers (viewers) to add the effect of presence - we see, but we can not cross the line. This gritsa for us with you.