• re: S/T, Series: The dying of the light

    It is very interesting that you place words with positive connotations such as “mystery” and “dreams” in dark spaces of “danger” and “tragedy.” What I like most is that the juxtaposition is very true to what we experience in reality, the idea that nothing is black and white, out of every evil comes some good. Your pieces are each very evocative in their unique detail, yet subtle and consistently structured.

    • Thanks for your comment, Uji Venkat.

      You are right. I'm interested in the encounter between two opposing connotations in a work of art, which could be summed up in light and dark. In the works you can see danger and tragedy, but also a hope, a calm. I like to play with that ambiguity when working.

      I understand the artistic experience as a means able to lighten the weight of the mystery that surrounds life. Therefore, the reference to the world of dreams seems very interesting because it emphasizes the connection between the visible and the invisible. The works leave you with the question Is it real what I'm seeing or is a fictional scene? I invite the viewer to travel through the universe where the boundaries between the space of the real and the imaginary have disappeared to be the viewer who peek into the unfathomable enigma.