• re: S/T, Series: The dying of the light

    Hi Sheila. Can you tell me about the extension of the projected reflections series that you recently posted? It seems that you’ve started employing more ambiguous strokes.

    I’ve said a lot about what your work means to me but I’d love to know where you are coming from. Does my response differ greatly from your intention? Do you feel that it is important to know the artist’s intention in order to appreciate and understand the work?

    • Hi Uji Venkat,

      Your comment doesn't differ much from my intention. If I
      think it is important to know the intention of the artist but the artist also helps a lot to know the opinion of the viewer and that he has a point of view of his own, since each person, through his own experience, produces different feelings.

      In the publication of the series of pieces "Projected reflections" you can see a text written by me about my intention for the realization of this series.

      Lately I am very interested in Freud's theory "Unheimlich", which in Spanish has been translated as the "la inquietante extrañeza." I am interested as something that we know as familiar can become strange. They are metaphorical images that invite the viewer to transit through a mysterious and hidden space that is revealed through the folds of everyday life. I am increasingly interested in understanding the image as a psychological experience, representing spaces and everyday objects but transformed in such a way as to produce in the spectator confusion and restlessness. In this sense, I use ambiguous and opposing concepts, such as interior and exterior, light and darkness, reality and fiction.