• re: Textured Travels
    You mention in your biography that your artistic drive stems from a desire to preserve. While most creators--whether it be painters, photographers, writers, musicians, performers, etc.--seek to leave something behind and create a sense of immortality, your explanation goes beyond mere documentation. You have showcased your perspective and in a beautiful way your hands cannot be separated from your work. People often say that art is about the viewer and what they read, but much like your bold perspective, you have left your own imprint on every piece and are clearly able to direct the viewer. I love that you thrive in juxtapositions, a place that often triggers discomfort. Besides the cohesive thread of your style among your pieces, you have found a harmony within the discord one might observe in reality. Your art goes beyond conservation in that you have not just captured an image, you have captured an image through your eyes. I feel that you are cataloguing a growing understanding, which having no experience as a photographer, I just now understood about photography. I am in awe of the irony that by capturing an existing image you really have created a juxtaposition of "reality vs. reverie." I would love to know more about your performance art and how your inclination to preserve plays into it.
    • I love your approach to photography and collage, that it is a puzzle. I also think that helps literal thinkers (sometimes like myself) find more connections to art.

      I just looked up your Fear of Returning to Stardust series and it's great. In the photographs it seems that you are exploring various ages in life as well as ages in time preserved, as influenced by the museum cataloguing. The contrast between death and a sort of undead that you explore is very compelling. You should definitely link your site to your EAS page. It said your website (adobe protfolio?) could not be found.

    • Well thank you so much for taking the time to think about my work in such a profound way. I am delighted to hear that you are now able to take on a new perspective of photography. I do feel very comfortable with juxtapositions and collaging images together because of that eureka moment that comes for me. It is also an act of playing to me similar to putting a puzzle together, but I have to create each piece and cut it to fit. As far as my performance art goes, there is a bit more of the desire to leave a legacy. But in an entirely new way. I design and perform with various products that are used to increase people's positivity, purity, or power. These actions are carried out in public or private with the individual. Beyond the necessary accessories for success I also create environments where religious reform is empowered or gender bending is embraced. Along with the performances where I let myself play with the theme of the show often by appropriating images, music, or video and altering it to speak to my perspective. I am working on building my site for my performance and other media, but for now I just have my website up with my photography. I was wondering if you had seen my Fear of Returning to Stardust series that goes into more depths about my desires for preservation and the jealousy I feel towards those that are forever preserved.