• SOD OFF: Stories Of District & Of Family & Friends

    'Archiving of lives in London through Social Arts Practice'

    Founded by Nicole Cataldo-Davies in June 2013: Sod Off looks to enhance the cross-fertilization of interdisciplinary arts through Social Sculpture methodologies.


    About Sod Off:

    "Sod Off offers 6 creative weekends over 6 months from February 2014 to engage, inspire and ignite peoples living in London to tell their stories of place, race and heritage; "sod" also refers to the earth we came from. Creative Weekends will bring participants through a journey of storytelling via creative writing, poetry, music, performance, dance, sculpture, photography and video, resulting in a festival including an end show, open platform and exhibition. Sod Offs’ aim is to produce an archive of personal stories from across London through creative arts practice, inspiring a cross-fertilization of ideas and creative practices.

    The collaborative weekends will consist of 2 full days offering exercises, processes and experiments into storytelling through arts practice. Led by a collaborative group of artists, the two days will bring participants through a series of artistic activity developing participants personal stories. The project aims to engage members of the community from all walks of life, in order to offer a series of free artistic workshops, creating access to artistic learning and expression.

    Each creative weekend will have a team of artists working together in order to structure the two days according to theme of the weekend and the theme of SOD OFF, . Their planning and structuring of each weekend will include the stream of consciousness offered from previous artists and participants by adding to each individual’s story through processes, exercises and experimentation in their field..." READ MORE


    Each creative weekend is facilitated by 3-4 artists who take participants through a variety of processes,

    exercises and experiments in order to spark the imagination and take your stories deep into their world of material.

    Artists: Jacob de Berker, Nicole Cataldo-Davies, Xxavier Edward Carter,  Isabelle Cressy, Jessica Scott, Christopher Guest, Anthony GohLorenza Ippolito, Eleni Kyriacou, George Montague, Kate Rubens, Gergely-Farnos Lilla, Kelly Fannon.  


    Check out the Sod Off schedule and more at: http://www.sod-off.org/