• Project: ‘Unobtrusive Ecology’ | Kolkata, India

    We are happy to present Indian artist Throngkiuba Yim's  new series of works. While tackling environmental pressing issues, they create uncanny visual representations of the threat that nuclear energy and indiscriminate growth pose to our ecosystems.


    Unobtrusive ecology 2,6x5feet.
    'Unobtrusive Ecology 2'

    'Unobtrusive Ecology'


    Nuclear energy is fast becoming a symbol of progress and modernity . I attempt to explore progress as a primitive concept directly interlinked with competition; and competition necessarily constitutes a position of hierarchy.

    For developed countries nuclear energy enables a false sense of progress through its promise of cheap but unstable energy and through its military capability of catapulting a country to international political superiority – these same countries maintain the hegemony of power and suppress other nations from similar ambitions. Turning a blind eye, they nevertheless export uranium (yellow-cake) from developing countries creating a dependency and propagating a new form of economical colonization.

    Relentless Degressive and Elevation 2 - Copy
    'Relentless Degressive and Elevation 2'

    Politics is straight-forward, as is my piece ‘Unobtrusive Ecology’, and yet the loser in this game of trade and tyranny is our environment, represented by the blue skyline and green nature; as unobtrusive as our attitude to ecology continues to be.

    Since the industrial revolutions, our economies have grown at the expense of the natural world. GDP measures economic transactions, indiscriminately. It cannot tell the difference between useful transactions and damaging ones. But as pressure mounts on the earth’s finite resources, we can no longer pretend that business–as–usual is a realistic option. The longer we delay, the more our societies will be at the mercy of events, and the harsher the eventful adjustments.


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