Madeeha Iqbal was born in 1989 in Lahore, Pakistan. She did her M.A (Hons) Visual Arts from National College of Arts Lahore in 2016. She was graduated in Visual Arts from “The Institute of Design and Visual Arts”, Lahore College for Women University with Honors in 2012. She also did her “Professional Diploma in Calligraphy and Illumination” in 2013. She has been part of many group shows. She works in various mediums including installation.

Statement of her Recent Work:
My work explores the use of medical equipment as material that is transformed to create other objects. Medical equipment intrigues me, amuses me but is also seemingly dangerous. I want to change the perception of the viewer to look at the ordinary object from a different perspective. I am interested in the transformation of medical objects into the blurring boundaries of pain and pleasure. While exploring these materials my art practice generates dark humor which is also some of the concerns that are highlighted in my work.

Statement of the Paintings:
Human gestures are my objectivity I paint human figures with a wide range of human expression. The profusion of human emotions and gestures, that natural dialogue we constantly engage in with our surroundings, this captivates me.
I incorporate non-traditional materials such as enamel and varnish which adds a fluid movement, spontaneity and physical depth to some of my pieces. This balance of juxtaposition and harmony allows me to convey my multilayered, dynamic visuals through swirling gestural lines of colors. Spontaneity is a major element. I merge figures and abstraction by controlling the natural movement of wet paint.
The significant images in art history always inspired me. Dealing with major works in some of my visuals I attempted to give a new sensation to the essence and identity of the popular images through my technique and metaphors; Colors are my metaphor.

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