As an artist I have been exploring the different dimensions that encompass the self and the experiences carried within these. From being a Dominican woman in the Dominican Republic to being a foreigner in the United States I look into how the features of my physical and intellectual being overlap, focusing specially in what are the perceptions, contradictions and expectations that emerge from my identity.

I try to capture the multidimensionality of culture, language, place and identity through a diverse set of media, being collage, video, performance and installations the ones of my predilection. I layer fabric, paint, objects, animation, music or text in order to create a harmonious space in which a spectator might be able to situate itself and relate to the issues and ideas that I expose in a contradictory way.

Currently my largest body of work is Imagined Identities, part of the #ATABEY project which explores Dominican women’s desire, survival, aggressions and rebellions through participatory research, aiming to create new artistic and academic narratives about the lived experiences of women in the Dominican Republic.

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