At first my art practice was driven towards academic exercises and thus I started drawing landscape, still lives and objects with which I was accustomed with, just like an individual viewer.

But, then after, stress was laid upon my intimate objects and my body gestures... my painting was influenced by surrealism. Thus most of the works were based on the reality, the fascinating one... the objects were real but were whimsical on canvases... the objects were those with which I was dependent for physical disability of my limbs... "a special pair of shoes"..., a bicycle..., and such related things... My approach was not to focus upon the problem I am suffering with, but to show how objects could play a major role in one's life, as more valuable, more certain for the future. This more valuable type has existed often enough already: but as an exception, never as willed.

The body gestures and body parts were again a principal concern for the later years, but I treated them in abstract forms in different ways. But now, spurred on by science as it is rushing irresistibly to its limits, where the optimism essential to logic collapses. Hence, I started my recent work on the microscopic unit of life i.e. cells, virus, D.N.A. and their characters as I myself suffer from spinal muscular atrophy type 3. I explore the specific space, installation, performances, mix-media, painting, paper canvas, etc., to specify a new form of knowledge representing myself were I will treat art as to show both protection and remedy, if one has to bear it.

But what shape would this new form of knowledge take and when would it appear? For which I must broaden my concepts, and need to study the origin of the whole process to make a piece of art concrete with the help of performance, installations and many new mediums... combining painting too... it will be my effort to create such space with which I am mingled with.