Generally, my artworks are all about the same idea – moving stuff. Heavy stuff if to be precise. It is rather hard to explain, why am I doing this. It is something that comes from inside of me. Something illogical in a way. Something, that cannot be easily described. However I know one thing for sure – this stuff moving activity makes me feel lively, motivated. I see it being very significant.
What do I mean by moving a heavy object? Well, I do that literally. I try to move objects, such as concrete cube casts, stones, wood logs, anything I find or make myself, from their standing positions, from their places. I do that various ways I can think of: using my own force, physical abilities to win againts them, using actual urbanistic tools, using tools which I create or imagine myself, vibrating them by the help of the electical engines and even playing them as a musician.
I always generate new ideas of how this 'task' could be executed. I cannot really say, that the last attempts to move something heavy were unsuccessful. I just feel, that there is a lot more I can do with it. Some say, that I do pretty reckless, interesting yet undefinable, hardly understandable things. Others – see no potential in my activity, no significance. And I really like these observations. I think, that my artworks could make a pretty good environment for people to get a better understanding of what is meaningful to them.

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