The hues and organic lines that engage with the subject matter interact to recall, honor, and share what lies dormant within our selves, communities, and histories. My art emerges from a nebulous space that has rendered me to question and navigate a systemic and insidious silence that perpetuates cultural amnesia, violence, abuse, and stigma. The iconography found in my art alludes to the significance and value of art as a space to not just explore ideas but to record histories that are rendered silent when those experiences are unlettered or unjustified. Through the creative process, the mediums and elements collaborate in a meditative dialogue as they explore themes such as home, exile, continuity, resilience, violence, and migration, thus forging a space to reclaim what was silenced, lost, (ab-) used, stolen, or forgotten to emphasize the healing, restorative, and synesthetic qualities of art in community.

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