Joanne is a student at The university of Dar es salaam, who aspires to become an upcoming artist and designer. Since she was a kid, she loved art so much that she drew several pictures, design and sew clothes mostly for her dolls, and also embroidery, she was inspired by famous artist like Leonardo Davinch, and made her become more eager to achieve her goals in art and design field, she had plans for reaching out to the world and spread the art language through her work.
She was born on the 20th 0f August 1996, in Singida Town, moved to Dar es salaam city at age 11, on 2010 she graduated her Primary Education level at Peninsula English Medium School, on 2014 she finished her O-level coarse at Roneca girls high school, and graduated her A-level coarse at Baobab School. For the love of Art and designing she had ever since she was a child, on 2017 she decided to join for the faculty of art and design to become more professional on that particular field.