Since my beginnings in painting, my work has projected the traditions and feelings of the Chiapaneca people in a very personal way, as well as the beautiful corners of my city, San Cristóbal de las Casas, in several aspects.
Using acrylic paint, I express spontaneity, leaving the brush strokes visible, somewhat crudely, dynamic and differentiated from one another-- even sometimes inconclusive-- but when contemplating the work at the end you see a whole. The essence is there and projects that desired feeling, through bright colors that make the pieces a center of attention and represent the joy of the culture of Chiapas and Mexico.
Through the use of watercolor and pastel chalk I look for the same purpose, but I use a more careful process when combining the colors in an orderly manner and following a process from light to dark but always looking for the same purpose: reflecting the Chiapas identity.

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