In my early works I tried to record my everyday memories where I tried to express my inner thoughts through the form of Scroll paintings, as I am much influenced by the narrative scroll format of Pata Painting and Chinese Scroll Painting. The diverse stories in my works have no distinct feature of similarity or connection with each other as such, but they all incidentally build up the bigger frame of my work. I tried to interpret my own childhood memories and played with them in a pictorial way. I live in a muffusil town and thus my memories are constituted of incidents of everyday life, common to all middle class semi urban families, which perhaps make my work stand apart from other painter’s works. I used my sense of colour to recreate my feelings of my memory in the works.

  In recent times, I have been experimenting with the theme of memory itself but in an innovative sense, as right now after being fascinated with stories retold by people to me in multiple interactions, I have decided to focus on the entire theme of ‘tale-telling’, which goes back to ancient India. Diary is a tool for me to record these unique stories of different people where I try to put colours into the words and bring out a picture from it. I am thus trying to visualise stories for my viewers and share my experiences. My paintings try to bring out the different perspectives of the story tellers and their personal points of view, and my linear drawing aims at a simplified and yet layered and nuanced outlook.

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