• Jayeti Bhattacharya on ‘Scribble It Down’ | Badu, India

    Interview with Jayeti Bhattacharya 

    Artist Jayeti Bhattacharya speaks about her experience participating in last year's edition of Scribble It Down She was interviewed last November at the Bachhawat Foundation residency in Badu, India, during an EAS visit to the residency.

    Jayeti Bhattacharya is an artist living and working in Kolkata, India. She is currently pursuing an MFA at the Kala Bhavana (Institute of Fine Arts) in Santiniketan, India. Many of her works include a combination of painting and mixed media, and address overarching themes of 'nature' through painted visual narratives.

    Find out more about Bhattacharya's work and process here


    About Scribble It Down: Scribble it Down, founded by Einat Moglad in 2013, is an international, digital collaboration. Through a sequential process artists from around the world work together to create communal works of art. Each artist contributes to a digital file, then transfers the work to the next, until each artists in the group has contributed to each piece. Read More

    View this year's Scribble It Down edition. "The Artists' Laboratory," here