I always think about what a wonderful yet overpowering nature we are surrounded by. This inspires me a lot. The question of existence always occurs to me; the vastness and destructiveness of nature make me use heavy pigments in my process. Along with this, surrounding life also makes me feel the strength of nature . We humans don't know exactly why we exist so in a way we are always searching.
in my present series of work like ' Sky Fall ' , ' Concrete Leakage' , ' Fragment ' and more , the concept of ' Home ' tends to come over and over again.Home is a multidimensional concept and acknowledge the presence of and need for multidisciplinary research in the field. . It raises the question whether or not home is a place , space, feeling, practices, or an active state of being in the world ? While memories of home are often nostalgic and sentimental, home is not simply recalled or experienced in positive ways. Home touches our personal lives centrally.
Question arises to my mind that “ is home a place, a space, feeling , practices, and or an active state of being in the world?” I feel it is variously described as conflated with or related to house, family, haven, self, gender, and journeying.
According to theorist Peter Somerville “Home is not just a matter of feelings and lived experience but also of cognition and intellectual construction: people may have a sense of home even though they have no experience or memory of it. . . . We cannot know what home ‘really’ is outside of these ideological structures”
The fragile human life leave behind many certain sensitivity captive inside the concrete structure of our private space ( home). We live in a so called “ concrete” life with structured objects and structured spaces binding our limitations. I feel sometimes that when our presence fades away do our senses remain embedded in these concrete structures ? Or in the process of time does these objects also desaturate our presence.
In this series I worked mainly with the known objects of my personal space using my home and the mud collected from within the boundary of my house.I feel the collected mud creates a relation of my land roots from the space I grew up. Over the passage of time how the private space is affected by social norms and how the presences of us are being fade away from the objects , revolve around my work.
While being in the process of work I feel a virtual space is created within my work with the objects of the real space around me and these objects carry their experience of their regular life and how they develop an intimate relations with the humans around them . These relations are developed in the “ waking” state of the human life.
Embracing the memories and the spaces that holds the origin of my personal identity reflect in these works. Revisiting the past through the memory lanes and reconstructing the privacy through the world of uncanny imagination seems to be happening over here again. Here I think the thoughts and the images are collaged in a same plane to form a meaningful formation of it.
Displacement occurs with time. This is the only thing that came to my mind while doing this series of work. Whether it is the displacement of thought , physical displacement , molecular displacement or emotional displacement each of it related to the growth of time and space around which we live in.

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