• ‘New Forms of Life Appear in the Eyes of Youth’

    Another review of the 'TRANSLATIONS' exhibition that took place last February in Kolkata appeared yesterday in the newspaper "Anandabazar Patrika", the most widely circulated Bengali newspaper in India.

    The review, of which you can read in English the first paragraph, is by the renown art critic Mrinal Ghosh.





    Other Forms of Life Appear in the Eyes of Youth

    'Translation' , this word in English primarily refers  to the version of a different language. In Bengali we call it “Anubad”.It is a transformation from one language into another language. But there is a larger meaning of this too. Changing anything from one form to another form could also be considered as a kind of “anubad” or translation. In this sense, if we look around our lives, this transformation process continues in much of the activities of the nature. Ice transformed into water,water  transfromed to the steam, Idea converted into writing, words, images, music etc. And all of these could be bracketed in the process of transformation. This has a big role in the social and cultural exchanges. One civilization adopts or assimilates another by transforming it according to one’s own values. Depending on this process of translation, unity in diversity is achieved worldwide.