Online Exhibition Series


"Scribble it Down", founded by Einat Moglad in 2013, is an international, digital collaboration. Through a sequential process artists from around the world work together to create communal works of art. Each artist contributes to a digital file, then transfers the work to the next, until each artists in the group has contributed to each piece. This process allows artists to bring together diverse backgrounds and perspectives. "Scribble It Down" thus becomes a platform for communication and dialogue that encourages tolerance and understanding between different cultures, traditions, and points of view.  The project raises questions about our place in society, our work in relation to others, and how we can give and inspire.


2013: Scribble it Down


Anita Rodríguez (USA) | Brianna Lea Pruett (USA) | Jason A Katzenstein (USA) | Jon Delgado (UK) | Gall Yanay Orian (Israel) | Dorit Stern (Israel) | Inbal Hoffman (Israel) | Harel Menacheml (Israel) | Idan Lightman (Israel)



2014: Parallel Lives


Regev Amrani (Israel) | Jayeti Bhattacharya (India) | Amy Conway (USA) | Roney Leigh Dubnov Raz (USA / Israel) | Marco Gavrilovic (Serbia) | Madeeha Iqbal (Pakistan) | Jordan Rodgers (United Kingdom) | Anne Scott (South Africa / United Kingdom) | Lars Vilhemsen (Denmark) | Jemima Williams (United Kingdom)



2015: The Artists' Laboratory


Madeeha Iqbai (Pakistan) | Marco Gavrilovic (Serbia) | Ronney Leigh Dobnov Raz (USA/Israel) | Jayeti Bhattacharya (India)



2016: Sonorous (Sound Art Collaboration)


Jean Cedrick (France) | Aron Pit (US) | Hagai Izenberg (Israel) | Richard Fair (UK) | Aidan Somers (Malta) | Vardan Chuchkov (Macedonia) | Adrian Boglea (Germany) | Fahmi Mursyid (Indonesia)


Scribble it Down is presented annually, and selects the participants through an Open Call for artists.

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