Curatorial Statement

In its second year, 'Scribble it Down' presents Parallel Lives, featuring artists from Israel, USA, UK, India, Pakistan, and Serbia.  The theme Parallel Lives points to the artistic process of 'Scribble it Down' by acknowledging and addressing the artists' parallel existences in different places. As the files were passed between artists, they exposed each other to their respective lives and perspectives. These stories intertwine and turn the digital series into a visual journey of a collective experience.

Parallel lives establishes new forms of connections between people that goes beyond the visual conversation facilitated through the project's artistic process.  The artists used Facebook to establish relationships with each other and to engage in virtual group discussions about art and life.  Through this process they became a community of Scribblers who took on a unique and shared identity.

This year, "Scribble it Down" also experienced the downfalls of a digital collaboration.  One artist ceased communication, and with him disappeared the final stage of his group's piece. It is easy to shed ties when one's sole connection is virtual; this experience illuminates the difficulty of creating lasting connections and loyalty. This is "Scribble It Down"'s biggest challenge.

This project is a collective creation and my role as a curator is to understand it. I encourage a certain type of work, method, and theme, but where the work goes from there is open and left to be decided only by the participating artists (Scribblers).  READ MORE

- Einat Mogald


Group One Gallery

Regev Amrani  |  Jayeti Bhattacharya  |  Anne Scott  |  Jordan Rodger  |  Lars Vilhemsen




Group Two Gallery

Amy Conway  |  Marco Gavrilovic  |  Madeeha Iqbal  |  Roney Leigh Dubnov Raz  |  Jemima Williams





Featured Artists:

Regev Amrani (Israel)  |   Jayeti Bhattacharya (India)  |   Amy Conway (USA)  |   Roney Leigh Dubnov Raz (USA / Israel)

Marco Gavrilovic (Serbia)  |  Madeeha Iqbal (Pakistan)  |  Jordan Rodgers (United Kingdom)

 Anne Scott (South Africa / United Kingdom)  | Lars Vilhemsen (Denmark)  |  Jemima Williams (United Kingdom)



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